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About Us

Golden Lush Extensions Inc. is a Canadian wholesale human hair extension and tools/application, distributor/ wholesaler company based in Kitchener, Ontario. We have a wide range of 100% real Remy human hair extensions on the stock, such as all types of methods of hair extensions on the current market providing our consumers with secure handpicked raw hair. Many clients asked is Remy human hair is real hair? Yes, Remy hair (also spelled Remi) means all the hair lies in the same direction. Why is that important? Human hair has a cuticle layer which protects against water loss and always faces the same direction – downwards. If hair lies in different directions, cuticles run opposite each other which causes tangling. The hair which is cut off a person’s head is always a Remy Hair, also called Cuticle Hair. Remy's hair is dyed and permed to provide a variety of colors and textures.  As we establish our business, our company will only be providing grade (5 AAAAA+) and (5 AAAAA++) and (6AAAAAA) highest quality process 100% of raw virgin hair to clients.

Golden Lush utilizes “BRAID" hair which means that the cuticle layers are all facing the same direction from root to end and, therefore, do not tangle. This also ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your hair, blending in superbly with yours and looking supernatural!

Braid hair is virgin hair but does not use the term VIRGIN since it is one-time semi process hair. As we all know Chinese/Asian hair is not naturally blond. Virgin hair is human Remy hair which remains in its original state and has not been permed, dyed or anyhow chemically processed. Virgin hair extensions are sold in their original colors and textures. This type of hair is very expensive because it is in short supply.

BRAID hair is hand selected single donor hair and is of the highest quality because, unlike processed hair, inconsistencies in color and texture cannot be masked by color or perming. It is the highest quality healthy hair that takes highlights well and withstands heat styling with high-temperature styling tools. This is 100% natural virgin hair with semi-processed that will take the closest color/highlights and will retain its luster since it has not undergone any harsh chemical processing.

Here is the quality of hair we carry in stock and the differences in quality/grade of Chinese and European hair.  *** Note: Chinese/Asian hair is estimated at lifetime 4-6 months and cannot be reused. European hair is estimated at lifetime 6-10 months.

European hair:  Excellent quality 5A++

European hair is one of the most demanded and adored hair types. It is manageable, flexible and sleek. The texture is shiny and desired by women belonging to all ethnicities. European hair proves to be more natural and effective when processes to have Afro-American relaxed touch, having bulky follicles and an enhanced natural look. Hair is considered the most expensive hair type as compared to other types of hair.


These are lighter and finer than Chinese hairs and are of higher quality.
These are usually dark brown before processing.
Virgin European hair is also accessible, and the price is exceptionally high. It is usually naturally straight and might have very loose waves like texture.
Besides naturally straight European hair, a naturally wavy type is also available on the market.

Chinese/Asian hair: Very Good quality 5A+

The Chinese hair is very strong and flexible hair type. It is best suited for Afro-American users because of having thicker follicle and roughness. Unlike Indian hair, it does not puff after a while. The Chinese hair is considered as the only hair type that does not lose its quality after passing through extreme processing.


Chinese hair is strong and flexible in nature and can color up to whitest blonde.
It has thicker follicle and is relatively rougher than Asian hair, Malaysian and even Indian hair.
It is smooth and manageable having consistent quality.
Hair is not frizzy after multiple washes.

Chinese/Asian hair: (Virgin hair) 5A++

The Chinese virgin hair is of probably the highest quality because inconsistencies in texture and color can never be covered by perming or color, not like processed hair.  It is healthy hair and holds highlights well.

Chinese virgin hair can also be well applied with high-temperature heat styling. It is purely natural and unprocessed hair type and keeps its original luster as it has not passed through any extreme chemical treatment.


The excellent textured Chinese Virgin Hair is available in a range from straight to extreme curls.
Virgin hair is best suited for Caucasians, but this hair type is available only in V-tip and tape hair. Prices wise is a bit more expensive than the regular hair.
Hair that had never been processed and all hands picked.
Chinese/European hair is known for its sleek manageability and strength. Hair is sleek and manageable without having a shiny doll hair look.  It is naturally straight and does give a little natural wave up after being wet/washed. Hair does not swell of frizz in humidity. Extremely strong hair. Usually processed from virgin near black to platinum blond. 

"The only hair type that can withstand extreme processing without degrading the hair quality."    

Important note**: Online/in-store price may subject to change without notice as we quote all prices by hair productions. 

WHY WE CHOOSE GRADE 5A+ (AAAAA+) & 5A++ (AAAAA++)  and higher grade                                          

Longevity = Hair Grade - Hair comes in many different grades from the lowest which is no grade (aka top quality) or A (1A) - AAAAA(5A)  The higher the grade the better the hair was cared for by the donor.  No grade, top quality or 1A is the bottom of the barrel.  It is hair that is usually very dry and brittle with split ends and uneven lengths.  The most common grade is AAA or 3A.  This is the most reasonably priced higher grade hair available which many other company supplies.  3A hair tends to be much drier and will not last as long compared to 4A-5A. It will require more deep conditioning to keep it in good shape. AAAA (4A) is the good, AAAAA (5A) is the best first line of Remy; BRAID hair is AAAAA+ (5A+) excellent quality and raw virgin hair consider 5A++.  It is also referred to as Royalty Grade.  Most companies do not offer 5A+ & 5A++ because of the cost.  These are my preferred grade because of the longevity and wear time. 3A hair is good hair, but 4A-5A is a great hair. 4A -5A hair has nice soft thicker ends. It has more moisture and has been taken better care of by the donor before it was harvested. Even abused it will last more than six months. There is a considerable difference between 3A and 4A-5A and 5A+ - 5A++ hair.