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About Us

Golden Lush Extensions Inc. is a Canadian hair extensions and tools distributor/wholesaler based in Kitchener, Ontario. We have a wide range of 100% real remy human hair extensions in stock, such as a large variety of colours and different types of hair extensions on the market, providing a one-stop shop for all your needs. Golden Lush Extensions prides itself on its customer service and product quality. We realize that not everyone has the budget for a high retail price on hair extensions, so we purposely lower our prices to meet a price point where we can all be satisfied. As a woman-owned business and a team full of hair enthusiasts, we can relate to our consumers to ensure our products and customer service meets our own expectations.

Here is the quality of hair we carry in stock and the differences in quality/grade of our hair:

Very Good Quality 5A+

5A+ hair is a very strong and flexible hair type coming from a Chinese donor. This hair type is especially best suited for Nigerian and African consumers due to its thicker follicle and roughness but it is suitable for all hair types. It is generally thick, very smooth and manageable. Unlike Indian hair, Chinese hair does not swell of frizz in humidity. Because of the nature of Chinese hair, they can be coloured up to the whitest blonde and still maintain quality. Our 5A+ quality is our most budget friendly option but still be a very viable option for everybody.

Excellent Quality 5A++

European hair is one of the most demanded and adored hair types. It is manageable, flexible and sleek. The texture is shiny, silky and desired by women of all ethnicities. European hair is naturally comes in more brown and blonde hair shades, requiring less processing. Due to its finer hair texture, European hair quality is not suitable for course hair types but can be used for all other hair types. This type of hair is considered the most expensive hair type compared to the other types of hair due to the decreasing amount of western caucasian women willing to sell their hair.

Excellent Quality 5A++ (Virgin hair)

Chinese hair is known for its sleek manageability and strength, combined being (processed virgin) hair, our 5A++ hair grade is one of the highest quality extensions you can find.

What does processed virgin ( hair mean? 

P.Virgin hair refers to virgin hair that has been processed to change colour but has virgin hair to start with.

It is naturally straight and has a natural wave after being washed.  The Chinese virgin hair is one of the highest quality because of its smooth consistency, strength and shine that can not be mimicked by any sort of chemical treatment. Chinese virgin hair can be well applied with high-temperature heat styling. 

Virgin hair is best suited for all hair types. This hair type is available only in v-tip and tape hair. Price wise, it is a step more expensive than regular 5A+ hair.

Important note**: Online/in-store price may subject to change without notice as we quote all prices by hair productions. 

How to read our grading system:

Currently, there is no universal grade of hair extensions. At Golden Lush Extensions, we use an "A" grading platform.By this means, the higher numbers of "A"s, the better the quality.

Example: 5A = AAAAA (standard high quality), 6A = AAAAAA (premium quality)

The quality comes from how the hair has been handled and processed from the donor, to our facilities. We use only the finest quality hair on the market which starts at 5A+, and 6A++ being our most premium grade. We strictly use at least 5A+ or better quality hair to ensure longevity and wear time. 

What do our "+" mean?

We use the "+" in our grading system to add a sub-level grade to the system. The higher the amount of "+" in a hair grade, the higher the quality but it is not as much as a drastic change as an "A" grade.